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Have you been in a situation where you had that urge to sing along with your favorite artist, only to realize you don’t really know the words. Well, I have been there many many times. I end up making my own lyrics from whatever few words I may remember of the song. I've always wondered there should be somewhere on the internet a site that would let me download lyrics.

So we got one of our fundoo geek on the job. The result >>!

The site currently boasts an exhaustive database of 605,666 song titles. The ‘popup-free’ site lets you search lyrics, based on artist, song, or album – as well as lyrics. So you can search on the few words that you remember from a song, in case you don't remember the artist or the title of the song. How Cool!!

It even throws up links to related online videos. All of the content here – of course – is uploaded by users, or cached after scouring the Internet using a Web spider.

I for one have always wanted to lay my hands on the lyrics of Mariah Carey's Hero. So, here you go ...

What are you waiting for? Go head to Lyricsfly and sing along!
Have Fun!

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