World's Oldest Dog, Chanel, Dies at 21

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Chanel, a 21-year-old wire-haired dachshund who is believed to have been the world's oldest dog, has died in Port Jefferson, N.Y. at a ripe age of 21 (147 in dog years). She died of natural causes last Friday, at her owners' home in Port Jefferson Station, a suburb of New York.

"She just inhaled and took her last breath," Chanel's owner, Denice Shaughnessy says. "Chanel had been telling me it's time.". Denice and Karl Shaughnessy described Chanel as one of "God's angels" as they spoke of her penchant for wearing tinted goggles and jumpers – to combat cataracts and her aversion to the cold. "Dogs are God's angels sent here to look out for us," Denice asserted, rather eerily.

The playful dachshund was only 6 weeks old when Denice Shaughnessy, then serving with the U.S. Army, adopted her from a shelter in Newport News, Va. Along with her owner, Chanel spent nine years on assignment in Germany, where she became adept at stealing sticks of butter from kitchen countertops and hiding them in sofa cushions in the living room, Shaughnessy said. She also liked chocolate, usually considered toxic to dogs, Shaughnessy said.

Karl Shaughnessy nominated Chanel for the title of world's oldest dog after noticing the Guinness World Records book had no record. Guinness World Records officials presented Chanel with a certificate as the world's oldest dog at a Manhattan birthday bash hosted by a private pet food company in May this year.

A dog from New Iberia, La., named Max, is vying for the record of world's oldest dog. Owner Janelle Derouen said Max marked his 26th birthday on Aug. 9. She said Guinness World Records officials were reviewing documents to authenticate his age.

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