Know the Actual Signal Strength on Your BlackBerry

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You can check the signal strength in your BlackBerry (or any other mobile phone for that matter) by taking a quick glance at the signal bar. The bars give an approximate idea of the signal strength but, looking at the bars, you won’t be able to determine minor fluctuations in signal that may occur when you move across different rooms in your house or when you accidentally cover the cellular antenna of the phone with your hands. Everybody likes seeing they've got full bars on their cell phone but what exactly do the bars translate to? How much of a signal hit does it take to drop from three to two bars? Would you like to see the actual signal strength on your BlackBerry?

Well then, today is your lucky day. This simple hack will switch your Blackberry signal reporting from bars to actual dBm (decibels).

Hold down the ALT key on your BlackBerry and type the letters NMLL in the same sequence — the bar graph indicating signal strength will convert into real numbers indicating the exact strength in dBm.

You can key in the same sequence to return to Bar Graph mode. The signal range should be anywhere between –40 dBm and –100 dBm for you to send and receive data /calls. The higher the number, the better the signal.

Of course, you can always go to the Status screen [Options => Status] to see the strength in dBm.

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