Incredible Eggshell Sculptures

I was doing some house keeping on my inbox earlier today when I came across an email from a FundooGeek fan with some beautiful photos of eggshell sculptures. So, I decided to browse and learn more about this form of art.

Eggshell Sculpturing is truly fascinating mainly due to the skill it demands from the sculptor and when finished it presents the life with a new look. Egg decoration is an old form of art, that has been on for centuries. Remember the jeweled ‘Fabergé egg‘ made by Russian goldsmith for the Czars.

Eggshell sculptors use infertile or farm grown eggs, produced by real emu, ostrich, geese, rhea, turkey and chicken. Each of these eggs has its own quality that helps the design and makes the sculptures more beautiful. Egg of Emu is dark green and while carving two colors of teal blue and white are revealed. The sculptors use these natural colors while carving the piece of art on the Eggshell. The eggshells are intricately carved using cutting tools, drills etc.

The image on your right is carved by Gary LeMaster, The Eggshell Sculptor. The three cranes are shown drinking water on a round-shaped egg shell that belongs to an ostrich. It is amazing how ordinary things can be completely transformed into beautiful objects.

Let's take a minute to learn how are the Eggshell sculptures carved.
The Eggs are first emptied and cleaned. When the egg is dried, the artist draws the sketch of the artwork directly on the egg shell with a pencil. Then using sharp tools of his choice the artist cuts and engraves the artwork. Professional eggshell artists use a tool that is similar to a dentists drill, which rotates faster than a normal drill. Speed is important, because it has less vibration and the work goes faster.

After finishing the work, the eggs are usually bleached to get rid of the membrane inside the shell, if any. The eggs are dried and displayed for sale. The artworks usually come with a sign of the artist on the egg shell. A certificate is also issued to the buyer stating that the artist has produced the work and that it has been hand carved.

This art demands great patience and concentration while artworks are carved.

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