The Empty Mind!

Last weekend, at a party I made a bold statement, "I have an Empty Mind!". Amid some giggles, one of our well-wisher's announced, "No more drinks for the FundooGeek." It took me some time to explain, actually it took a lot longer than I had imagined as, some of the guests were high on spirits :)

Let me explain ...

So, the question is, What is The Empty Mind?
The answer lies in your perception of whether "the glass is half empty" or "the glass is half filled".
What in the name of God does the half-empty/half-full glass have to do with an "Empty Mind"??

I look at it in a very simple way. If the mind is empty, there is very good opportunity to fill it. If the mind is already full, there is no scope to add further. I'm referring to adding knowledge. In order for one to accomplish "knowledge nirvana" one has to be open minded and ensure there is sufficient vacant space to gain knowledge.

The empty mind has lot of potential ... it has plenty of space for innovation ... enormous capability for creative thinking ... it can retain a whole lot more than a "Full Mind"!!

Knowledge is Power! Is your mind empty or full?

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