Kolaveri Di Flash Mob in Mumbai

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Mumbai witnessed another awesome Flash Mob. This time around it was the Kolaveri Di fever creating magic in Bombay. On Wednesday, 21st of December, a flash mob organized by Mumbai Mirror and led by Kolaveri sensation Dhanush brought the entire Churchgate station to a standstill for about 10 minutes.

It was supposed to a flash mob like the one at CST on November 27 but the crowd at Churchgate went berserk after Tamil actor and singer Dhanush’s four-minute performance of the latest craze Kolaveri Di.

Wednesday being a working day, the station was crowded as usual when Dhanush arrived. There was mass hysteria as Dhanush starting singing and more than 100 youngsters joined him in the dance.

But instead of dispersing after Dhanush left, youngsters continued to dance in groups. This added to the chaos on the platform teeming with people and the police swing into action to drive away the dancers.

The reaction of the crowd left the Tamil actor stunned. “I’m overwhelmed by the response, and by the power of people coming together to sing the song. I first experienced stardom eight years ago when I made it big in Tamil films. I am living it all over again in this second innings, thanks to Mumbai Mirror. It truly feels wonderful,” Dhanush said. In the four weeks since the video went viral, it has already received 25,965,856 hits on YouTube and has inspired a slew of versions in different languages across India (and one in Pakistan).

Watch this space for the official video that will be out later today. In the meantime, you can watch this clip from Times Now.

Another video clip ...

Next stop for Dhanush was the Oval Maidan, where - with neither a loudspeaker nor a sound system in sight - he got almost 400 people to sing and dance along with him. He had finally found some space to move, and he didn’t disappoint his fans who had followed him to the Oval from Churchgate.

“My voice has gone for a toss, but it doesn’t matter. What does is that I connected with the youth and their voice. It felt amazing to hear all of them scream the song back at me. Nothing could top the sound of all our voices coming together.”

There are several versions of the original Kolaveri Di song on YouTube.com - » Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam’s son Nevaan Nigam has made a kiddie version of Kolaveri Di. Nevaan, however, ask for a glass of milk instead of scotch http://tinyurl.com/d5zgdw7

» KOLAVERI DI - NEW Big B Version By Dhanush

» There is also an Alvin and the Chipmunks version of the song, with three female chipmunks that will leave you in peals of laughter http://tinyurl.com/c4usyne

» If the viral video Dhokla Spiderman amused you, try the Gujarati Kolaveri, or shall we say, Why this chokri kharchaa di? http://tinyurl.com/dxu6lnb

» A Chinese guy singing Kolvari? Di is replaced by Da and Tamil by English even as the glass of scotch is replaced by a knife… http://tinyurl.com/ctxrl5a

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