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This week SAP released its 2011 Q4 and the 2011 annual earnings report. They beat all market expectations by a mile and came out with such unbelievable results that there are many questions.

How did Oracle's arch rival have such a fantabulous year when Oracle had hugely disappointing results?
How did SAP manage to do so well in such an economy?

And even such questions from the uninitiated -
What is SAP?
Who is SAP?
What do they do?
Who are SAP's customers?

Just so you know, SAP is the largest developer of Business Application Software in the world. They are the leaders in ERP space and in-memory computing. With the acquisition of SuccessFactors, they will now become the leaders in Cloud computing. And they have a very ambitious plan to become the world number 2 Database vendor.

Some other interesting facts:

  • 95% of all mobile messages (SMS etc.) are routed through SAP (via Sybase - an SAP company).
  • 85% of all financial transactions in the world pass through SAP software.

Well, there is a lot of SAP than can be documented in this article. So, for now, enjoy the below video to understand what a huge impact SAP has on our daily lives. SAP software truly touches every one of us in some way or the other.

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