Why Kids Never Get Enough Sleep?

Source: Time HealthLand:

Researchers from the University of South Australia did some historical spelunking, looking for every study about sleep duration in children beginning from the end of the 19th century through 2009. They discovered 300 such studies, dating all the way back to a French paper from 1897, and found some interesting facts.

  • Children got about 37 minutes less sleep than was recommended.
  • Societal hand-wringing over children’s lack of sleep and a tendency to blame the hectic pace of modern life.
  • Different countries have different standards: in Japan, for example, it’s more or less accepted that kids doze off in class because they’ve stayed up late studying. Australian kids sleep almost an hour more a day than American kids, who sleep less than nearly all other children.

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A History of Kids and Sleep: Why They Never Get Enough

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