Code and Run iOS Apps In Your Browser Without a Mac

Pune based which earlier launched Android app creation Platform has launched its mega project – iOS development lab that enables developers to code and run iOS apps right in the browser. Apps created by users can be viewed online, shared on Facebook or Twitter and even embedded on other sites (just like YouTube videos). How cool is that?

Users can code their apps completely online in Objective-C and the Apple SDK. The iOS online IT Lab @ Programr is ideal for anyone wanting to learn coding for the iOS platform but doesn't having easy access to a Mac. Even if you have a Mac, this is a cool online lab to try out.
Some of the features of the iOS lab includes:

  • Code, compile and run true native iPhone/iPad apps right in the browser. (No Mac required, no iPhone required. User can code and run their iOS apps from a PC, Linux box, or even a cheap Android tablet!)
  • Learn iOS coding skills by browsing and running the code of other user-contributed apps.
  • Fork and enhance each other’s apps too.
  • Share and embed your iOS creations anywhere on the web.
  • Up-vote and discuss each others’ apps (get alerted by email when you get a comment or an up-vote)
  • And, this is totally free!

This is sure to cause some positive disruption.

Besides iOS and Android, the Online IT Lab houses development platform for Java, C++, PHP, .Net, J2EE, JS, AJAX, Ruby, Python, SQL.

What are you waiting for? Go head to the iOS Online IT Lab @ and develop your own iOS app!
Have Fun!

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