Use Tech to Fortify Your House During the Holidays

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The holiday season is here. Why not indulge in buying gadgets and use existing technologies to secure your most precious possession? - your house! Whether you'll be away from home this holiday season or plan to host family and friends, you need your house to be safe. Make use of existing technologies to help secure your house.

Gizmodo has posted an article listing 15 technologies to consider to keep your house safe during the holidays.

  1. Affordable security camera
  2. Advanced smoke alarms
  3. Kitchen-specific fire extinguisher
  4. Unpredictable light timer
  5. Fake television burglar deterrent
  6. Christmas tree fire detector
  7. Home security apps
  8. Solar-powered motion detection lighting
  9. Live address delivery
  10. Cheap, effective window alarms
  11. CO and explosive gas detector
  12. Driveway monitor
  13. Automatic garage door closer
  14. Efficient, cool light strings
  15. Snow-melting mats

Head over to Gizmodo for the detailed post.

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