12/12/12 - 12:12:12 - Last Repeating Date and Time of The 21st Century

The historic moment today at exactly 12 minutes and 12 seconds past 12noon is the last repeating date and time for the 21st century. Meaning all numericals in a date at a particular time are the same (12/12/12 - 12:12:12). The next time this will happen is in about 88 years on January 1, 2101, or 01-01-01.

After couple of attempts, one of us geeks at the Fundoo Geek! was able to capture the screen shot as it happened on the web site timeanddate.com.

Here’s the screen shot of that historic golden moment »

People pray for peace during 12:12:12, at an event called "Light Meeting" in Tama, west of Tokyo December 12, 2012, marking the last day in this century where the numeral date appear with the same numbers. (Reuters / Yuriko Nakao)

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