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Have you ever wondered how is a pilot's view from the cockpit of an airliner? Me too! So, I went about searching the net for any available time lapse photos or videos. And discovered that there are infact quite a few. So, here are some for your viewing pleasure ...

Pilot Films Flights From Take Off To Landing:

Our first video is of Vimeo user and commercial pilot Jakub Vlk. Jakub filmed his flights from Prague, Nantes and Catania, among other locales, and compiled them all in a cool time lapse.

The video shows what flying looks like from the cockpit over what Vlk says is a seven-day period.

Five Hours of Airplane Landings Captured in Thirty Seconds:

Check out this curious 25-second time-lapse/composite video that shows every airplane that landed at San Diego International Airport on Black Friday a week ago between 10:30am and 3pm. The giant planes whiz by overhead as if they’re part of a fighter jet squadron heading off to battle — not something you’d expect to see with commercial planes at an airport. It was created by photography and film professor Cy Kuckenbaker.

Time-Lapse Makes Approaching Airplanes Look Like Wobbly Toys:

Martin of Cargospotter created this mesmerizing time-lapse video showing the constant stream of airplanes that land on a particular runway at London’s Heathrow airport, the third busiest airport in the world in terms of passengers. The still photographs he captured are played back 17-times faster than real-time, causing the planes to look like RC airplanes floating around and bobbing in the breeze.

A340 Cockpit Takeoff in Los Angeles:

Nose view Takeoff in Los Angeles 1080HD of the A340-300, takeoff on runway 25R at Los Angeles International.

A340 Nose view Landing in Los Angeles:

The SWISS A340-300 Nose view landing in KLAX, in 1080HD. The daily Service from Zurich to Los Angeles.

PhotoShop'ed Crash:

Graphic designer Alexander Koshelkov created this amazing time-lapse video showing how he created an epic plane crash image in Photoshop using elements found in other photographs (e.g. freeways, an airplane, destroyed engines and cars). The project took Koshelkov nearly 4.5 hours and required 244 separate layers.


Building A $30M Bombardier Q400 Turboprop Plane:

A new video from Indian low cost carrier SpiceJet takes viewers inside a Canadian factory where one of its new Bombardier Q400 passenger planes is assembled, making for a fascinating inside look at the complicated manufacturing ballet.

The carrier, which recently added the turboprop to its fleet, plans to link smaller cities in India with the 78-passenger plane.

The video explores many of the complicated steps that go into building a passenger plane, from assembling the fuselage to adding wings, from testing cockpit systems to adding fully finished leather-upholstered seats two at a time. A time-lapse scene of crews painting on the SpiceJet livery is particularly cool.


Space Time-Lapse Video: ISS Travels Around The World In 'The Journey Home':

This video, made from time-lapse photographs taken from the International Space Station's (ISS) Cupola observatory module, takes us around the world from Africa to the Mediterranean Sea, North America to South America and Europe to the Middle East, among more than a dozen other journeys. It passes over Hurricanes Katia and Irene and catches a number of lightning bolts in its lens as well.

The video was made aboard the ISS by Ron Garan, the space-tweeting NASA astronaut

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