India on Top of The Cricket World

India is literally on top of the cricketing world. The ongoing series against one of the best cricket teams on the planet, South Africa, has seen Team India achieve 3 milestones.

  • India Retain No. 1 Test Ranking
  • India Maintained its Rank 2 in ICC ODI team Ranking
  • Sachin Tendulkar became the first ever person on the planet to score 200* runs in One Day International

India Retain No. 1 Test Ranking:

India on Feb 18 retained its number one status in Test cricket after the thrilling victory over South Africa in Kolkata, which also entitles them to $ 175,000 given to the team that tops the chart at the annual cut-off date.

With this victory, Indian team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s men also ended Australia’s seven-year run of finishing on top spot at the annual cut-off date.

Consequentially, India will retain the ICC Championships mace which they won after beating Sri Lanka 2-0 in the home series in December last year, besides pocketing the $ 175,000 prize money which is presented to the side that reaches the April 1 cut-off date in top spot.

India Maintained its Rank 2 in ICC ODI team Ranking:

With the series win against South Africa today, India maintain their number 2 ranking.

Sachin Tendulkar became the first ever person on the planet to score 200* runs in ODI:

Sachin created 1 more milestone of his career, as he became first batsman to score double century in ODI matches. He scored 200 not out today. Read here for details.

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Sachin Tendulkar - The Batting God!

Sachin Tendulkar, the Maestro proved beyond doubt today why he is the best batsman on the planet. His super human effort of 200 not out is the first in the history of One Day International.

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Follow The 2010 Winter Olympics Online

Source: various:

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver begin this evening with the opening ceremony. Coverage of the games begins tonight at 7:30 and the opening ceremony can be watched on NBC. Chances are you won't be at work in front of a computer tonight but you probably won't be around a television throughout all of the Winter Olympics. There's nothing to worry about, however, as you can watch all of the Winter Olympics online for free.

Here's a compilation of sites where you can not only watch video highlights of the events but also see pictures, scores, medal counts and news from the Olympics...

  • NBC Olympics: NBC, which is covering the Olympics on TV, has also set up a site where you can catch the latest scores, news and select video coverage of the competitions (powered by Microsoft Silverlight). You can also see profiles of athletes and streams of Tweets from athletes on the U.S. Olympic teams. Unfortunately, it appears that NBC is severely limiting the streaming of competitions and the ceremonies to the general public, so video will most probably be comprised of short highlights. But if you are a cable subscriber, you will be able to access 400 hours of live streaming of the events, but will need to prove that you subscribe to premium-cable service to access full and live videos.
  • Vancouver 2010: Sponsored by the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the games, this site offers schedule of events, up-to-date results and maps of the various event sites in Vancouver.
  • Facebook: On Facebook, there is a dedicated page for the Vancouver Games from the Organizing Committee as well as a page from the International Olympics Committee, which will collect Facebook updates from athletes and post up-to-date photos from the various events.
  • Twitter: For real-time updates from the athletes, Twitter has complied a list of verified Olympic athletes. A site called Twitter-Athletes also provides the handles of many of the Olympians at the winter games.
  • Flickr: Flickr has teamed up the International Olympic Committee to create an official photo group on the photo sharing site. The IOC will also use the Flickr group to publish its official event photos, as well as upload images to its own Flickr photo stream.
  • Yahoo Sports: Yahoo Sports has launched a Winter Olympics site that will offer news coverage, photos, videos, medal counts and statistics. This week, Yahoo announced that it has also optimized its search engine for Winter Olympics news and stats.
  • Yahoo Mobile: Yahoo has also rolled out a mobile web site to allow users to news, event schedules, stats and pictures on the go.
  • Google: Google has optimized its mobile search to provide better results for Olympics searches. On Google’s mobile search interface, you can search for the name of your favorite sport, and the engine will give you the latest info about game results, schedules, medal count and more. On Android and iPhone devices, the search engine’s realtime search feature will show you the latest updates related to the games within the same search results.
  • iPhone Apps: Apple has recommended several iPhone apps to help you keep up with news, schedules and more, including NBC’s official Olympics App, Canadian TV channel CTV’s Olympics App, push notifications-enabled Vancouver Games, and Olympic Games news aggregator Winter Games Grub.

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