How to Survive a Heart Attack When Alone

Received this email from a friend working at a hospital in London. The information seemed too important to ignore and hence published here as public safety announcement. Please consult your doctor or a medical professional and seek their advice on what you need to do in such a situation.

(Since many people are alone when they suffer a heart attack, this article seemed in order)

Without help - the person whose heart stops beating properly And who begins to feel faint, has only about 10 seconds left before losing consciousness.

However, these victims can help themselves by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously. A deep breath should be taken before each cough. The cough must be deep and prolonged, as when producing sputum from deep Inside the chest. A breath and a cough must be repeated about every two seconds without let up until help arrives, or until the heart is felt to be Beating normally again.

Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements squeeze the heart and keep the blood circulating. The squeezing pressure on The heart also helps it regain normal rhythm.

In this way, heart attack Victims can get to a phone and, between breaths, call for help.

Note: This article is not a replacement for medical help or advice. Please seek medical advice from your doctor or medical practitioner.

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Conflict between Left Brain and Right Brain

According to scientists there is always a conflict between the left and right section of your brain. This leads to difference in perception. Take this amazing quiz to test this conflict.


Don't know who owns the copyright ... but hey! good for a smile!!!

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Live Life To Fullest


All of us @ would like to thank the unknown author 'coz its so relevant and touchy. And so very true,

Don't let go of Hope.
Hope gives you the strength to keep going
When you feel like giving up.

Don't know the origin or who owns the copyright ... but hey! good for a smile!!!

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Aug. 28, 1988: Ramstein Air Show Disaster Kills 70, Injures Hundreds

Source: Wired:

One of the worst air show disasters in history happened on August 28th in 1988 at the Ramstein air base in Germany. Read about the story at the Wired link below.

Aug. 28, 1988: Ramstein Air Show Disaster Kills 70, Injures Hundreds

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Note: Please check the date ... the article is from 1988.

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Cash for Cribs? Toys 'R' Us Offers Trade-Ins

The toy chain Toys 'R' Us will cut 20% off the price of new gear for customers trading in used high chairs, strollers, cribs, and other kids' products.

Read the complete story at

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Cash-for-Clunker Rebates for Home Appliances

A $296 million Cash-for-Clunker rebate plan to boost sales of energy-efficient home appliances may give companies such as Whirlpool, GE and Electrolux a glimmer of hope, but it won't be enough to lift them out of their worst down cycle ever.

Beginning late this fall, the U.S. federal program will authorize rebates of roughly $50 to $200 for purchases of high-efficiency appliances that bear the Energy Star seal. The money is part of the broader economic stimulus bill passed earlier this year.

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Google will Enable Certified Ad Networks in AdSense

Google sent out an email to all AdSense Publishers about an upcoming update in AdSense that will allow multiple ad networks to show on your pages. This means that advertisers from external Google-certified networks will be able to compete with AdWords advertisers for ad space on your web sites/blogs or any place you use Google AdSense.

Earlier Google announced via a post on the Inside AdSense Blog that multiple Google-certified ad networks will soon be competing with AdWords advertisers to appear on AdSense sites. This means that non-AdWords publishers will soon be able to bid on Google ad auction. This certainly is exciting news for web publishers that use the Google AdSense advertising network on their sites.

With this new change, participating ad networks can also bid in auction to appear on AdSense sites. This new capability will help you generate the most profit for every ad that appears on your site, whether the ads come from AdWords advertisers or Google-certified ad networks. Google promises to ensure publisher's privacy. As new networks are certified, you'll see them appear in your account. You will have control over which networks can show ads on your pages, can choose to opt out of receiving ads from specific networks, or all networks completely, or continue to show ads from only AdWords advertisers if you like. This feature will initially be available to North America and Europe publishers.

Below is the complete email that was sent out: ...


We're writing to let you know about an upcoming update in your AdSense account designed to help you generate the maximum revenue from your ad units. You'll soon be able to allow multiple ad networks to show on your pages, which means that advertisers from external Google-certified networks will be able to compete with AdWords advertisers for your ad space.

If you're unfamiliar with what ad networks are, they're companies that partner with advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ads on sites they don't own themselves, similar to AdSense. Ads from these networks will compete with Google ads to show on publisher sites, and the ad generating the highest revenue for publishers will be displayed.

To ensure the quality of the ads appearing on your sites, we're certifying all participating ad networks for adherence to our standards for user privacy, ad quality, and speed. You'll also have control over which networks can show ads on your pages -- you can choose to opt out of receiving ads from specific networks, or all networks completely. This means you can continue to show ads from only AdWords advertisers if you'd like.

Finally, some ad networks use tools similar to Google's interest-based advertising to show more relevant ads to users on the sites they visit. These ad networks won't be permitted to collect data from your site for the purpose of subsequent interest-based advertising, but we'll allow those who comply with user privacy guidelines to show ads using these tools. You'll have the ability to opt out of showing ads based on user interests from these ad networks, and we've changed our requirements for third-party ad serving to reflect this. More information is available at .

These new capabilities will automatically be enabled for your account, and you'll see a new section in your Ad Review Center where you can allow or block specific ad networks. Please note that we'll gradually be adding new ad networks to AdSense accounts over the next few months, so you won't see any immediate impact on your ads or your earnings.

To learn more about this launch and managing the ad networks appearing on your pages, visit the AdSense Help Center at and watch our video demo at .


The Google AdSense Team

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Kids, Let’s Start Coloring

I received this link from a family friend of mine. The first thing that intrigued me was the name. It sounded so colorful.

One look and I was convinced that TheColor is a treat for kids (and you colorful adults as well!). The web site offers a vast and myriad collection of pictures that can be colored online or printed out. A great way to entertain kids during birthday party.

The site features top-rated submissions by members, and honors those who color the most number of pages in a day, month, or year. Members can rate other's art.

What are you waiting for kids? Grab your crayons, paint brushes, pens and pencils and head to
Have Fun!

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The Darwin Awards

Source: MumbaiMirror :

No, this is not a website that rewards those who live in the city of Darwin in Australia; nor is it for those who have done major work regarding the theory of evolution. The Darwin Awards is a website which is dedicated to those who furthered and sped up the process of evolution by virtue of possessing fantastic stupidity.

Dedicated to those who died doing something really bizarre, Darwin Awards is a chronicle of 771 such untimely demises, divided into several categories such as ‘Honorable Mentions’, ‘Near Misses’ and ‘Urban Legends’. This is a website which plays on the morbid fascination with death that some people have and people who like their humor nice and black (and have yet to discover therapy perhaps) will find it a good read. There’s also a section where readers can contribute their own accounts of near-misses or about people they know who shot themselves in the foot, perhaps literally.

The site is regularly updated with more stupidity.

What are you waiting for? Go head to Darwin Awards and have a laugh!
Have Fun!

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Woof! when Tweet is Not Enough

So, have you been frustrated by the 140 character limitation in Tweeter? There might have been times when you feel severely constrained by this limitation imposed by Twitter.

Enter Woofer - the 1400 character anti-Twitter macro-blogging site. Well, its not like Woofer doesn't impose any limitation. But unlike Tweeter, Woofer has a limitation on minimum characters - you need to woff out minimum 1400 characters. How's that for fun!

Even though plenty of us have found ourselves shortening our tweets to meet the 140 character limitation imposed by Twitter, very few of us ever really need 1400 characters. Correct?

Woofer pays homage to Twitter in look and feel and what's more, you need to use your Tweeter user name to woof.

Woof! Woof!! Woof!!!

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Movie Mistakes – A Collection of Movie Bloopers

theFundooGeek! | USA :

Have you ever wondered if you could know if your favorite movie had a blooper? What if we say there is a web site that has a humongous collection movie bloopers. But that's not all. The site lists bloopers from some popular TV shows as well. At the time of publishing this review the web site MovieMistakes boasted 84,440 mistakes in 5,656 movies and 581 TV shows.

For instance, the site lists a total of 67 mistakes for the movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. Example:

At the end of the Quidditch match, when Ron shouts, "Woo hoo!" with his arms raised, just as his cape flaps around the black seat on the actor's broom becomes visible. There are a couple of other quick glimpses of a seat during the Quidditch match.

The site is full of such mistakes and bloopers in popular movies, such as Charlie's Angels, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Terminator, The Matrix, G.I Joe and more. Made us watch some movies again just to enjoy the bloopers. Pure entertainment for movie buffs!

What are you waiting for? Go head to Movie Mistakes and entertain yourself!
Have Fun!

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50 Best Websites 2009 - Time

Source: Time:

Time has compiled a list of 50 websites it considers as best of 2009. Click here to go to for the list.

The list includes tech giants such as Google and Amazon, some well known web sites such as Twitter and FaceBook as well as some relatively unknowns such as California Coastline and Fonolo.

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American Airlines Announces New Baggage Charge for Travelers

Source: Press Trust Of India:

American Airlines' passengers travelling between locations in Europe, India and the US will soon have to pay 50 dollars (about Rs 2,400) to check-in their second baggage under the airlines' revised baggage policy. 

The revised policy takes effect for tickets purchased on or after September 14, 2009. The changes apply to transatlantic travelers on flights operated by American Airlines for travel to, from or through India, as well as European countries of Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, an AA statement said on Saturday.

The Texas-headquartered carrier said customers who purchase certain economy class tickets on or after the effective date would be able to check one bag for free and pay 50 dollars for a second checked bag.

The revised baggage policy would be applicable for customers travelling between certain locations in Europe, India and the US, including territories such as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

However, passengers booked in first and business class cabins, as well as those who purchase full-fare tickets in the economy class cabins would not be required to pay any checked bag charge, the Airlines said.

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Fight Carpal Tunnel with Simple Desk Exercises

Source: Lifehacker:

Relieve Carpal Tunnel stress with easy stretches demonstrated in the Woman's Day's video series.

Both at work and during our leisure time, our hours are increasingly spent typing away on our keyboards—which only ups the odds of getting carpal tunnel syndrome and other desk-related injuries. Here are some exercises to reduce the risk.

Woman's Day's video series has turned its attention to fighting the stress and tension that comes with sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day, five days a week. The above video explains some quick hand muscle exercises designed to reduce the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, while a second video offers some 20-30 second exercises for stretching your back and chest muscles.

For a few more ways to ward off carpal tunnel, check out how percussionist David Kuckhermann fends off his own carpal tunnel problems. And if you'd like a little help remembering to take an occasional break, check out previously mentioned WorkRave (Windows/Linux) or Time Out (Mac) at Lifehacker.

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Travel Etiquette - How to Behave in Different Countries

If you travel as much as I do, then you know how important it is to adhere to local customs. This is true whether you travel domestic or international.

Every culture has its distinct customs and traditions. Web site Travel Etiquette breaks them down by country to help teach you how to behave before you head off on your trip so that you can represent yourself and your home country well.

To find tips, you can type in the country name using the search box or just scroll through the continents and countries listed in the sidebar. The site currently contains over 60 articles written by their experts and promise that new locations are added regularly. Easy navigation is provided by breaking down these articles by continents. You may also search for a particular country.

The site also provides more general tips like how to behave in hotels and airports, and also offers tips for blending in with the locals.

My experience has showed that it is always helpful to learn/brush-up-on the local language. For instance you can learn a little German before your trip to Germany, French is preferred in certain parts of Canada and Hindi will get you going in most of India.

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3,000 year-Old Butter Found in Kildare Bog

Discovery On :

An oak barrel, full of butter, estimated to be roughly 3,000 years old has been found in Gilltown bog, between Timahoe and Staplestown.

The amazing discovery of the barrel, which is being described by archaeology experts in the National Museum as a "really fine example" was found by two Bord na Mona workers.

The pair, John Fitzharris and Martin Lane, were harrowing the bog one day in late May when they noticed a distinctive white streak in the peat.

"We got down to have a look. We knelt down and felt something hard and started to dig it out with out bare hands," John explained.

"We could smell it. And it was attracting crows," he added.

What they found was an oak barrel, cut out of a trunk, full of butter.

It was largely intact, except for a gash towards the bottom of it caused by the harrow. It was head down, and had a lid; something that has excited the archaeologists.

"We couldn't believe it," said Mr Lane.

The barrel is also split along the middle, which is common with utensils filled with butter found in the bogs. A conservator at the National Museum, Carol Smith, told that the butter expands over time, causing the split.

The barrel is about three feet long and almost a foot wide, and weighs almost 35kgs, (77lbs).

The butter has changed to white and is now adipocere, which is essentially animal fat, the same sort of substance that is found on well-preserved bodies of people or animals found in the bog.

The two men put the barrel in the cab of their tractor and brought it back to their base.

"We put it in a black plastic bag," Mr Fitzharris explained.

And last Tuesday in the Conservation Department of the National Museum of Ireland in Collins Barracks, the two men were reunited with the barrel in the company of Monasterevin man and one of the museum's keepers, Pádraig Clancy and conservator Carol Smith.

Mr Clancy was contacted by Bord na Móna's archaeological liaison officer who reports to the museum on finds like this. He travelled to the site and took the barrel to Collins Barracks.

"It's rare to find a barrel as intact as that," Mr. Clancy explained, "especially with the lid intact, and attached. It's a really fine example."

He estimates that the barrel is approximately 3,000 years old, from the Iron Age.

At the moment it is being dried out by staff at the Conservation Department. Once dry it will be soaked in a wax-like solution which preserves it.

"At 35ks, it's a pretty big one," Ms. Smith explained. Other examples of bog butter they showed tended to be less intact and much smaller.

It is thought that the butter was put in the bog for practical reasons, rather than ritual.

"There are accounts dating back to the 1850's with people used to wash their cattle once a year in the bog and then put some butter back into the bog. It was piseogary," Mr. Clancy explained, adding that the butter was usually "stolen by the following week!

"It's open to interpretation, but we're inclined to think that 3,000 years ago they were just storing it."

Such a large amount of butter, he estimated would have probably been the harvest of a community rather than an individual farmer. Ms. Smith and Mr. Clancy explained that bog butter has been tasted before, "but not by us!

"It's a national treasure, you can't be going hacking bits of it off for your toast!" Ms. Smith joked.

"It's important to say that we have a good relationship with Bord na Mona," Mr. Clancy explained. "They are one of the better organisations for reporting finds."

And the bogs of Kildare have yielded quite a lot of artefacts from the past, including spear heads, pottery and bodies.

"We've found no body parts in Gilltown bog," Ms. Smith said, before adding, "but here's hoping!"

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Airborne Flasher Sends Plane to Airport, Woman to Hospital :

An in-flight fight in the buff turns Southwest jet around Friday morning. So, you believe, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."? But what if you haven't even gotten there yet?

Read on …

A Southwest flight with 108 passengers headed from Oakland, Calif. to Las Vegas turned around this morning after a 300-pound man punched a woman on board and then stripped naked. Both were taken off the plane and taken away in ambulances.

One of the passengers, Steve Lichliter, was on the plane accompanying his daughter to college at Penn State. She took a photo of the man -- sans clothing.

Here's Lichliter's story, according to an email forwarded to
Well our flight started ok but about 30 minutes out of Oakland a big guy started hassling other passengers then took off all his clothes. A posse of redneck vigilantes was quickly formed by the stewardesses and they were given restraining devices and taught how to tie the guy up after they got him pinned face down in the aisle. I offered to sit on top of him afterwards, as long as he was face down and tied up!

The pilot turned around and we came back to Oakland. The vigilantes never got to do their job as we landed without incident and about 10 big cops came in and took the dude away.

The man has been identified as Darius Chapille, 21, from Jefferson City, Missouri.

J.D. Nelson, a spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff's Department, said that the naked passenger was a man with a Missouri driver's license who exposed himself to a female passenger. She screamed and the suspect then punched her, according to Nelson, and then started to remove his clothing. At that point, flight attendants and other passengers subdued the man, Nelson said, who continued to strip during the struggle. Chapille was completely naked when deputies boarded the plane to take him into custody. Alameda County deputies covered him with a blanket as they escorted him off the plane. That part of the adventure was captured on video by passenger Kyle Gee.

Violence against women, though, is no laughing matter. And police say the suspected perp hit the woman hard enough to put her in the hospital. WTH!

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DOJ Approves $7.4B Oracle-Sun Deal

ComputerWorld :

Oracle announced on Thursday that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has approved its $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

DOJ approves $7.4B Oracle-Sun deal

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Invisibility Cloak could be a Reality in Two Years

Daily Mail :

Invisibility cloak that 'bends light around itself' could be a reality in two years. A British scientist has been awarded more than £100,000 to develop a real life Harry Potter invisibility cloak.

Click here to read the original MailOnline article.

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Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo Band Together against Google

News credits

3 technology heavyweights, (Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo) are joining a coalition to fight Google's attempt to create what could be the world's largest virtual library. They are banding together to take on the mighty Google by forming Open Book Alliance (OBA).

The 3 heavyweights are in talks to sign up to the Open Book Alliance (OBA) being spearheaded by the Internet Archive. They oppose a legal settlement that could make Google the main source for many online works. The OBA is being spearheaded by the Internet Archive, a longtime critic of Google's crusade to make digital copies of as many printed books as possible.

The OBA hopes to rally opposition to Google's digital book ambitions and ultimately persuade a federal judge to block or revise the Internet search leader's plans. A growing number of critics already have filed objections to Google's book settlement, but none have the clout that the OBA figures to wield with three of the world's best-known technology companies on board. Opponents of Google's settlement have raised various concerns that the deal gives Google too much control, especially over rights to so-called "orphan works" that authors have abandoned.

"Google is trying to monopolize the library system," the Internet Archive's founder Brewster Kahle told. "If this deal goes ahead, they're making a real shot at being 'the' library and the only library."

Peter Brantley, the Internet Archive's director of access, provided some of the details about the alliance's members and objectives in a Thursday interview. Both Microsoft and Yahoo! have confirmed their intention to join the alliance. Amazon declined to comment because the group hasn't been formally announced yet. The Open Book Alliance also will include an assortment of nonprofit groups.

Among other things, the alliance will try to persuade the U.S. Justice Department that Google's broad settlement with authors and publishers could undermine competition in the digital book market just as more consumers are gravitating toward electronic readers like's Kindle.

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BinGle - Bing+Google Mashups

LifeHacker :

Decide which Search Engine you really prefer with Bing-Google Mashups. Follow the link below in theFundooGeek recommended reading to read about and evaluate between 3 Bing + Google mashups.

The 3 mashups display results from both search engines in handy side-by-side frames. This provides a cool way to compare results.

So let us know which search engine you prefer - Bing or Google. Now, don't say, "I don't care!".

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Some Tech Myths and Record Breaking Achievements in Tech and :

Our geeks have dug up some real cool reading stuff for techies. Click on theFundooGeek recommended reading below to amuse yourself.

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Cash For Clunkers – Deal Ends Monday 8/24 at 8pm

Washington, DC, USA :

The US federal government's popular Cash For Clunkers incentive program will end coming Monday at 8 p.m. EST, a month after it began, Transportation Secreatary Ray LaHood announced today. According to LaHood, the $3 billion allotted for trade-ins has been largely spoken for.

As detailed in our article "Cash For Clunkers – A New Stimulus Package For The Common Junta", the $3 billion program provides vouchers of $3,500 or $4,500 to consumers who trade in older, less fuel-efficient vehicles for new ones that get better gasoline mileage. It has emerged as a successful economic-stimulus program and helped boost hard-hit auto makers.

"It's been a thrill to be part of the best economic news story in America," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement. "Now we are working toward an orderly wind-down of this very popular program.". LaHood said the program's conclusion Monday night will allow car dealers and buyers "plenty of time" to finalize purchases and submit applications for rebates.

The move comes as the department tries to get an accurate accounting of how much money is left in the program, formally called the Car Allowance Rebate System.

The Transportation Department said the program recorded more than 457,000 dealer transactions valued at $1.9 billion in rebates.

Dealerships have been swamped with consumers looking to trade in their clunkers for a voucher worth up to $4,500 toward the purchase of a new, more fuel-efficient vehicle. Under the program, which kicked off July 24, dealers essentially front the money for the cash incentive with the understanding that the government will reimburse them once they file the necessary paperwork online and the deal is approved. But many dealers said they have not been reimbursed by the government and are becoming more cash-strapped.

Transportation officials said just under 40 percent or 170,000 of the applications have been reviewed so far, accounting for $145 million in payouts. But a large number of those are incomplete or have inaccurate information, which means the application is sent back to the dealer to be re-submitted, according to a senior administration official who briefed reporters Thursday. To deal with the onslaught of paperwork, transportation officials said they expect to triple the number of workers processing forms by the end of this week to 1,100. The Department of Transportation said it has reviewed 167,000 applications, out of 458,000. They say they've also held web seminars to help dealers understand how to fill out the paperwork properly.

Officials initially thought money for the program would last at least through Labor Day. This shows how popular the program has been with consumers.

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MyBoneYard – Get Rewarded for Recycling Your Old Electronics

Have you been waiting for a way to recycle your used electronics? If you're like me you've probably been waiting for someone to come to your doorstep to pick up your junk and pay you for doing so!

Well, you don't need to wait any longer. You can actually recycle your electronics and get paid for its fair value. Web site MyBoneYard recycles your electronics and, if you're lucky, will offer you a reward too. The reason we say "if you're lucky" is 'coz you may get cash depending upon their assessment.

How does it work?

Recycling your item through MyBoneYard is free via a printable shipping label. Start the process by clicking on the "What Can I Recycle?" option. Presently they recycle Music Players, Flat screen Monitors, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones, Game Systems, PC Systems (including monitors), Laptops, GPS Systems and Camcorders. The site promises to add more products for recycling.

Choose your item, enter its information such as brand, model, condition, accessories and you'll find out what your reward for recycling is. Whether it's money or just the knowledge that you're helping the environment. Fill out your personal information, print out your label, and ship off the package. You can check the status of your submission via the status screen.

The site promises that all personal data is wiped out before recycling. "All products received go through a certified data removal process for the device provided. This process is audited on each device prior to leaving our facility."

MyBoneYard is currently US only.

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Happy Parsi New Year to Our Zoroastrian Brethren

A very Happy and Prosperous Atash_03 New Year to all our Parsi/Zoroastrian friends around the globe and other planets!

May the Fire of Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds) stay lighted for ever!


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