UnTiny that Tiny URL

We all know how one can make a loooong URL tiny. The most popular web service used is TinyURL. There are of course many others that achieve the same result such as SnipURL, Tiny.cc, bit.ly, alturl, ReallyTinyURL and many more. Bit.ly claims you can get a complete history and real-time stats of shortened URLs if you sign up for their service. UnTiny is the opposite of the above.

What am I babbling about? Ok, let's take an example. I have this very long URL {http://www.fundoogeek.com/2009/07/total-solar-eclipse-on-july-22-longest.html} that may be difficult to copy+paste and difficult to manage when you want to share. So you want to shorten your long URL. This is where the web services such as TinyURL come into play. These web services or tools provide short aliases for redirection of long URLs.

Short URL aliases are seen as useful because they are easier to write down, remember or pass around, are less error-prone to write, and also fit where space is limited such as on social networks. These tiny URLs are easier to post on blogs or forums, make email friendly URLs and help simplify links to your website. You may use it to hide an affiliate link. It is particularly helpful on MicroBlogging networks such as Twitter where there is a service-imposed character limit.

Oh no! Was I supposed to talk about Tiny or UnTiny URL service? Let me quickly check with my ChiefEditorGeek! Just kidding ... let's focus on UnTiny.

As mentioned earlier, UnTiny is the opposite of Tiny URLs. Meaning you expand a shortened or tinied URL to its original form. The web service or tool unscrambles the shortened URL without actually opening it. You can use one of several web services to get back the original URL. Sending a shortened URL means you lose all the context that normal URLs provide. A link like this http://tinyurl.com/aBc tells you nothing about where you're going to link to. That's a problem when you're writing to an audience that's been burned by spam and spyware. It may prove detrimental since your users may not click on the shortened URL from fear of spyware, malware or virus. Posting original long URL raises the level of trust and lets people decide more knowingly whether they want to follow that link or not. However, there may be times when you have to shorten your URL so use your discretion.

UnTiny or UnTiny.me

UnTinyURL or TrueURL.net

UnTiny URL script - Uses the Untiny API and thus supports as many shortening services as Untiny does.

LongURL Mobile Expander - a FireFox addon

Browser hacks such as GreaseMonkey script Tiny Decoder
BookMarklet like Embiggen

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