Spring Forward!!!

Daylight Saving Time (DST) always brings up emotions among people. For some it is happiness (if in March) knowing Spring is just ahead and sadness (if in Oct/Nov) if you don't enjoy winter. While in some it brings some confusion as to whether the time is to be added or subtracted.

This confusion is responsible for delays, oversleeping or just plain excuse for missing morning appointments.

Well, there is one sure and easy way to remember when the time moves ahead and when time is slowed by an hour. Next time you need to know, just remember "Spring Forward and Fall Back". Move the clock ahead by one hour in Spring (March DST) while move it back one hour in Fall (Nov DST in North America).

Remember, tomorrow March 9th 2014 is when you move your clock one hour forward.

Click on the following link to learn cool facts about DST -
Some Interesting Facts About The Daylight Saving Time

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