Historic Snow Storm in the NorthEast USA in October

A snow-storm in the NJ/NY

area in October! Unbelievable?
You better believe it!!

Today, 29th of October 2011 witnessed a rare October snowstorm in the Northeast USA. The forecast is for significant precipitation along the NE. The reason this is unusual is because it has been more than a generation that the first snowstorm of the season has occurred in October in New Jersey.

The trees are yet to shed their colorful leaves but that didn't stop Mother Nature from painting the landscape white.

The forecast map below shows the heaviest accumulations in the pink shadings, mainly just to the west and northwest of the I-95 corridor. This is where at least 6 inches is expected. Dark purple shading indicates the potential for a foot or more of snow.

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Season’s Best Wishes To Our Hindu Brethren On Diwali - 2011

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Help Ben Franklin Win!

My son’s school is a nominee in The Clorox Company’s Power a Bright Future grant program, and needs you to help us win much needed funding for Ben Franklin Elementary School. From Oct. 24, 2011 through Dec. 9, 2011, you have the opportunity to vote online at PowerABrightFuture or via text once a day for our program. The program that receives the highest number of votes will be awarded the $50,000 grand-prize grant, and the next top vote-getters in the Play, Create and Explore categories respectively will each be awarded a $25,000 grant. One additional lucky school will be selected to receive a $25,000 judge’s choice grant. Visit www.PowerABrightFuture.com for official rules.

I hope you’ll take a minute to vote for our program. Here’s how:

1. Text to vote**
• To vote for Ben Franklin text clorox4007 to 44144
• Vote one time every day!
• Spread the word!
**Msg and Data Rates May Apply.

2. Vote online
• Log on http://www.powerabrightfuture.com/gallery/detail/?nid=1196
• (hint: when you register, do not put hyphens or parentheses in the phone number)
• Vote one time every day!
• Spread the word!

Please pass along this link and invite your family, friends and colleagues to spread the word and help bring new resources to these students.

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Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Source: Natasha K:

Did you know that in many countries, kids don't get clean water? Some don't get food everyday. Others never get the chance for a good education. We can help them. How? By doing trick or treat for UNISEF. In 1950, children across America were inspired to collect coins for UNICEF to help children around the globe in enduring the after-effects of World War II. It was not just a charity effort—it was a call to end the needless suffering of their more vulnerable peers who don't have much in this world. Since then, for generations of Americans, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has been a powerful way to make a difference in the lives of the world’s children. In the month of October, we can collect for those kids and families who really need our help.

Every penny counts towards saving people's lives. If you give twenty-five cents, it will give ten kids clean water to drink for an entire day. One dollar pays for protein biscuits for a starving child. Seventeen dollars keeps one kid safe from 6 killer diseases. Twenty-four dollars supplies an emergency first aid kit. Two hundred-fifty seven dollars buys a School-in-a-Box so kids can learn anywhere. Five-hundred dollars provides a water pump for a village or school. This can all help people survive. I know I am going to help. Will you help too?

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