Cool Resumes

When was the last time you used your creativity to design your resume? Apparently there are people out there who use their technical skills to showcase their ingenuity and prowess.

Here are some master pieces the FundooGeek spider got from her crawl on the web -

Philippe's Amaz'ing Resume:

Philippe Dubost has taken pains to replicate every last aspect of an Amazon page — even inserting an ad. You can see the full resume here.

Hagan Blount's infographic resume is packed with visuals: a map, a chart, QR codes and logos:

Here's Hagan's resume.

Meghan Molino's 2D resume:

Claudio Nader's Facebook resume:

Claudio has created a tutorial, in case you're inspired by his efforts and would like to spice up your resume on Facebook.

I have not changed my CV design in the last 10 years, have you? Let us know in the comments section.

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