The Weird Field Trip

Author: Natasha HK

26th October 2010

The Wheels were black and spattered with mud. Inside, the old leather seats sat torn and high. As Annebelle climbed on and took a seat by the aisle, the engine roared to life. She was a short girl with cream colored skin and hair as black as a mussel. Whenever she looked down, her curly bangs covered her forehead. Being in third grade, she went on many field trips with her class. She enjoyed many, but wondered if this one would be as much fun.

The bright yellow school bus slowly creaked to a stop. The old Barrix stood before them. As they were getting off the bus, suddenly, Annebelle heard a cry from behind her.

Miss Regrego shrieked as Joycelyn, Annabelle's best friend, sank into the sodden ground. Annebelle gapped at the hole as it slowly began to fade. She knew she had to help Jocelyn. Danny, a boy in her class who is always ready for adventure, jumped in with his friend Todd. Taking a deep breath, Annebelle jumped as well. Darkness covered her like a blanket.

Annebelle opened her eyes to meet a soldier wearing a faded uniform from the 18th century. He grinned at her with a twinkle in his eye.

"Ya'll comin' to help me?" he asked.
Todd, surprisingly calm, replied, "No Sir, we fell into a hole. Please direct us back up."

The soldier looked confused at first. Then he smiled.
"Sure! What year?".

What year? What was this crazy soldier talking about?

"2010 Please.", Joycelyn replied.
"Alright, ya'll. I'll get ya out".

He pushed them into a small capsule with a glass door, big enough for them to fit in. The air suddenly whizzed by.

"Joycelyn! Todd! Danny! Annebelle! You're alright!!" Miss Regrego exclaimed. They were greeted with hugs.

"Nobody knows when an adventure will turn up", thought Annebelle.

Every kid thought the same, this field trip was outstanding! "By far, the best", murmured Annabelle.

The above is the work of one of our avid readers, Natasha HK. Natasha is 11 years.

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