Siblings Born on 8/8/8, 9/9/9 and 10/10/10


Would you ever consider planning to have babies on magical rhyming dates? Of-course, sure, what's the big deal! How about planning babies for multiple magical dates?

No way! Get out of here!!
Unbelievable but, that's exactly what one couple from Rockford, Michigan in the USA accomplished!

Having a child born on 10/10/10 is pretty cool, but having that birth follow two others on 8/8/08 and 9/9/09 — that's got to be impossible, right?

Well, meet Chad and Barbie Soper, whose daughter Cearra was born on Oct. 10; whose other daughter Chloe was born on Aug. 8, 2008; and whose son Cameron was born on Sept. 9, 2009.

The family from Rockford, Mich., first got the attention of their hometown news media, but have since gone national — including an appearance Saturday on NBC's "TODAY" show.

"I thought it was neat numbers, something fun for the kids on their driver’s license – oh, your birthday has rhyming numbers," Barbie Soper said on TODAY.

"When the third one came around and it did end up on 10/10/10, I was surprised and I was happy because then the little one wouldn’t be left out."

So is 11/11/11 in the cards? Both Sopers are quick to say no.

"Definitely no," Barbie Soper earlier this week. "We wanted three and I'm glad we have that."

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