Cool Tips for Increasing Your Productivity

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In this ever so demanding and distracting world we find ourselves busier than ever before. Inspite of all the technology and tools, being productive can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. While technology constantly gives us more tools that are supposed to streamline our lives, we just seem to have more and more to do, and less time to do it in.

So, how does one get more done everyday and become more productive? That, I guess, depends on your definition of productive. Being productive is to achieve what’s important for you, in the best possible way in the least amount of time. At our philosophy is --

Strive to do the right thing, give it your best shot making sure the task at hand has your total dedication and focus!
Here are some tips we'd like to share to help increase your productivity.

1. Keep one to-do list.

Include everything you want or need to do in one place. Writing it down helps get it off your mind and leaves you free to focus on the task at hand.

2. Do the most important thing first.

Before you leave work in the evening, decide what one thing you need to accomplish the next day. Do it first thing in the morning, when you're likely to have the most energy and fewest distractions.

3. Schedule time for non-urgent things.

It's easy to get caught up in the pressing issues of the day. Block off time in your calendar to do things that would otherwise get squeezed out, like writing, thinking creatively, or building relationships.

4. Say "No" to activities that do not support your mission and priorities.

This can be a request from a boss, co-worker, partner... or the latest great idea that popped into your head. Before taking on one new thing, think about what activity will have to be eliminated in your schedule to make room.

5. Concentrate on your top 3 strategic tasks each day.

A strategic task has no prerequisites attached; it can be done now. Choose the most important of your three tasks and work on it exclusively for a period of time you set for yourself.

6. Know when good is good enough.

Do not strive for perfection as much as for excellence. Good and DONE is better than constantly improving and never implementing. "It often takes 50% or more of the total effort to squeeze out the last 10% or so of quality or whatever it is perfectionists want out of a situation. Not a good investment of time...," says Jeff Olsen in The Agile Manager's Guide to Getting Organized, 1997.

7. Get plenty of sleep.

When you work online, sleep can become a long lost memory. However, it’s important to get plenty of sleep so that your working hours can be as productive as possible. Take periodic breaks to rest and exercise your body.

When you put these tips to work and concentrate on one task at a time, you will be amazed at the quality and quantity of your output.

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