Confessions of a Blogger – Episode I

These are the memoirs of the Fundoo Geek’s blogging adventures. I, the Fundoo Geek, first wet my feet in the blogosphere quite by accident in 2003. It so happened one evening while waiting for an assignment at work, I decided to check out the latest at one of my favorite sites – the LifeHacker. I liked an article I was reading and immediately went to the comments section to put my 2 cents. The next day I returned back to see that quite a few tech geeks had responded to my comments. That’s when I thought of writing a white paper on the subject (I think it was regarding Freeware and open source software). I decided to blog!!


I went on a mission to search for a medium to express my thoughts onto the web for the web community. Not able to decide the best option to go about, I just created a web page using one of the free services (Geo Cities). I put down my thoughts on a set of HTML documents and hosted it as my web site. The site became a collection of static pages with some fancy JavaScripts and DHTML. Well, I didn’t exactly like my artwork but it was the best I could do with the available Web 1.0 resources. I wasn’t even sure at the time if anyone would read. However, the visitor counter that I had on my site indicated that I did get some hits once in a while … so that was encouraging. Nothing is more motivating for an author or a blogger than to know that his work is being read – appreciated or not is an entirely different story. smile_regular I maintained that web site for a while until it became a chore to edit the static HTML pages. At the time I used what I considered as one of the best free HTML editors – 1st Page. Yeah, I know, I have always been a great advocate of free software. My friends & colleagues knew that they could always come to me when they needed freeware alternative to any of the standard software. I would always oblige.


So anyway, I decided to take the next step and get onto a real blogventure and with a real blogging service. I tried my hand at several in the next couple of years – TypePad, WordPress, Blogger etc. My subjects, as you’d have guessed by now have been varied and cover the entire spectrum of topics one could think of. As you would also have learnt from my blog that I have blogged in the past using different identities … just for the fun of it. Smile I am never shy of any topic and that kind of gives me a virtually limitless range of topics I can express and give my perspective on. That has also, however, been the reason some of my close friends (who know my blogging history) call me “Jack of all topics, Master of none!”. Never mind the cynicism I still enjoy the freedom of choosing my own topics and covering the events that interest me. I don’t want to be bogged down by focusing on a particular subject and blog on just that. That, I think, is detrimental and defeats the purpose of blogging. I know many of you will disagree and raise arms against me. But my friends, you don’t have to do as I do, you don’t have to be as I am, just be yourself and you will know what gives you the most satisfaction in blogging. The only injustice you can do to yourself (as I realized later) is by not taking that first step in blogging. So, be brave and venture into this magical world of blogging. There are countless articles and blogs on the internet on how you should get started and which blogging service you should use. Drop me a line if you need help from me. Otherwise, stay tuned for the next part in this series where I will reveal how I went about selecting the tools for the Fundoo Geek!

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