Roller Coaster Stock Market Madness

Raise your hand if you are, or have ever been, involved with trading stocks. I for one have paddled the stormy waters several times since I started earning. Well, almost drowned on multiple occassions trying to navigate. Does that discourage me? No, ofcourse not! Every time the market goes up I buy stocks (when they are almost at their peak) and then, contrary to the market pundits sermons, sell when they are at their bottom.
No, I'm not kidding and No! again, I don't do it for fun ... at least its not funny to me. But yes, someone always makes money at my expense. For some unknown reason (I think Divine intervention) I usually wait too long before I buy stocks. I want to make sure they are on their way up with a good historical track record. And I also waste a lot of time and don't sell until its too late. The net result is I have lost a lot of money (& peace) trading stocks online. If only it was not as easy to trade stocks online I would have paid off my mortgage long back and maybe invested in real estate. Wait a minute, isn't the real estate market down as well? Oh well, that's a topic for some other time ... maybe when I'm gulping Vodka.
Anyhow, not everything is as gloomy. I have made money in stock market with every investment almost always to lose it on another investment. Does this sound familiar? You and I are not alone in this world, my friend. We are infact part of a huge collective on whom the so called Stock market gurus & investment bankers feed. So how come although we outnumber these suckers 10000 to 1 (I just made up that ratio) we never protest and let them run over us time and again?? Let me know when you have the answer. I'll check back later in some time.

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