ICC Twenty20 2009 World Cup update

Wow!! The second edition of the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup has been full of surprises. Pleasant for some and distasteful for others at the receiving end. I’m sure most of us have wondered what went wrong with our favorite teams. Some cricket fans I met recently were so upset that their team lost they started cooking up conspiracy theories while some blamed the recently concluded IPL for the debacle of some of the favorites such as India and Australia. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure … this T20 World cup has given rise to a lot of emotional debate in online forums around the globe.

So, we have the finalists – Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In case you didn’t know, the finals will be played at Lords on Sunday (6/21/09). Watch the space in our blog from earlier today for the latest cricket scores and news. Both the teams have done exceptionally well to defeat some of the best T20 teams to reach the finals. Considering that Pakistan was almost eliminated at the beginning of the tournament, their achievement has been, shall we say, outstanding!

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