If I Were A Holiday Gift

Author: Shiamak HK

“Rrrrrriiiiiiip!” That is the sound of a lucky child frantically shredding my green and blue box with a shiny purple ribbon. Even though my box is comfortable, I am desperate to meet my new owner.

”I would be a perfect present,” I said confidently; thinking of all the hundreds of apps my owner could download on me. I have a smooth, shiny screen, not too big, but not too small with a nice grip on the back. The kid will be able to listen to music on me and search the web.

“Rrriiiip! Rrriiiip” As the ripping got closer, I got more excited. When the child finally reached me I heard a loud “Aaaaaaaaahh!” Two soft, sturdy hands lifted me. “A new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!” The boy yelled.

Then the boy, Shiamak, turned me on for the first time!

The above is the work of one of our avid readers, Shiamak HK. Shiamak is 9 years.

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