99-Cent Wedding Bargain Bliss on 09/09/09

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Novelty dates and places are always popular for people getting hitched. The date 07/07/07 was especially hot with 7 lucky winners hitting the Wedding Date Jackpot in Las Vegas. This year's magic date 9/9/9 got its fair share of nuptial attention thanks in part to the 99 Cents Only Store. In honor of 09/09/09, the 99 Cents Only Store chain hosted weddings for 9 couples at its Sunset Boulevard branch.

Over 2,999 couples from all over the U.S. were eager to be married at the 99-Cent Only Store at 5270 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood on 9/9/09. Nine couples were chosen by random draw and now they've said their I-do's and paid their buck!

99-Cent Only Stores teamed up with other sponsors to provide each couple with all the trimmings of a traditional wedding, worth $2,599. Here's what each of the couples got for their 99-cents:

  • The brides received complimentary hair and makeup by Design Visage, a bridal services provider in Southern California.
  • Natural Floral provided fresh flower bouquets and boutonnieres for each of the nine couples.
  • Wedding photography was by highly regarded Los Angeles wedding photographer Jay Lawrence Goldman.
  • Hotel Angeleno, in Brentwood, provided hotel accommodations for one night, as well as a meal in its well-regarded West Restaurant & Lounge.
  • Personal Care Products sponsored dinner at a romantic well-known Santa Monica restaurant.
  • Following the ceremony and reception at the store, the couples and their guests enjoyed a drive around Hollywood in a limousine courtesy of Awesome.
  • 99-Cent Only Stores gifted each of the couples with $99.99 in cash as well as his and her goodie bags.
  • And, finally, one lucky couple has also received two Southwest Airlines round-trip tickets.

Kathy Jacobs, the Discount Store Diva who designed a wedding gown entirely out of items from the 99-Cent Only Stores, also created the decor for the wedding ceremony and reception. Everything at the couples' wedding table, including dinnerware, flatware, glassware, table cloths, centerpieces, candles, vases, gift bags, place cards, disposable cameras and flowers, were from the store. The reception menu included dishes made up of the fresh fruit, produce and other foods that 99-Cent Only Stores sell.

Paging all Wedding guests ... your party is @ aisle 9.

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