Baby Born at 9:09 am on 09/09/09

Source: Press Trust of India:

An Indian-origin couple in Australia has been blessed with a baby girl who was born at 9:09 am local time on 09/09/09.

The new parents, Dhara and Sudish Patel, said the delivery time of their baby, considered auspicious in many parts of the world, particularly China, was a surprise.

"Her due date was September 12," the mother said, according a report in the ABC News.

Dhara said the number nine would become part of her baby's life. "We think it will be her lucky number."

In the United States too, a baby were born at 9:09 am on 09/09/09.

"It's very exciting," said Maria Villagomez, 28, at New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens. The baby, named Isabella, was actually due on Monday.

"Nine, nine, nine" or "Jiu, Jiu" in Chinese means for a long time. Thousands of young Chinese flocked to get married on Wednesday believing that the date will guarantee longevity to their wedding and life.

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