The Hunt!

Author: Shiamak HK

Stomp! Stomp!
We quietly hike through an African Plains. Suddenly, my dad stops me. "Get down." he whispered. I did as he asked.
The tall, African grass was soaked with morning dew. We slowly crawled behind a hill. My dad points a sturdy finder at a shaking clump of bushes. Using my binoculars, I see it is a cheetah. Me and dad's search expedition in Africa just started!

The cheetah smoothly slips out of the bushes. The beaten and burned fur allows it to blend into the grass. Even from 50 yards away I smell its singed fur. The cheetah hungrily looks at a herd of gazelles. He creeps up on the nearest one. Swift as a falcon, he pounces next to the gazelle.
"Nehhhh!", the gazelle makes a startled sound. They all take off, but the cheetah is too fast.

Using his strong hind legs, the cheetah makes a great leap and grasps the poor gazelle's neck; hauling it to the grassy ground.
"Nehhhh!", the gazelle lets out it's last cry of pain. It is over.
The cheetah drags the prey back to the safety of the bushes. Suddenly the cheetah disappeared. Everything is quite. My dad pulls me up and we start home.

As we walked back, no birds chirped. It was like everyone was saying a prayer for the gazelle. Even my dad and I. But, there is nothing we can do. After all, the cheetah needs to hunt for food. Home was a mile away, so we decided to just walk thinking about the hunt.
Stomp! Stomp!

The above is the work of one of our avid readers, Shiamak HK. Shiamak is 10 years.

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