The Scary Castle

Author: Shiamak HK

Creeeak! I opened the mysterious door at the edge of the play ground. My friends had dared me to go in. As I opened it, a hot white light flashed before me and poured onto me. Covering my eyes, I stepped in. When I came out, I was in a ruined castle.

Boom! Pow! Thud! Startled by the noise, I turned just in time to see the door shut. I pounded on the door, but it wouldn't budge. I was trapped!

I started to wander the ruined castle, and admired - I must admit. Black four eyed spiders spun sticky, silky webs everywhere. Red, gooey liquid was oozing down a wall. The whole place had a creepy, eerie feeling.

After walking around a fallen wall, I saw a hot, blazing bonfire. It lit up the dark like car lights. I started walking toward the fire, calling for help. Suddenly, I froze. Every muscle in my body still, staring in complete horror at he bony creatures - skeletons.

Snap! I accidently stepped on a twig. As the skeletons turned I met their eyes - wait, they didn't have eyes! Instead of eyes they had a bright orange flame that danced in the eye socket.

One of the skeletons drew a sword dripping in red liquid - blood, I guessed. I dashed away as fast as my legs could carry me ... running as fast as the wind ... I'm sure I beat the world record in 100 meter sprint. I stopped when I reached a dark part of the castle. Well yeah, everything was dark but this was darker. A flash of lightening lit up the corridor for just enough time for my eyes to see bones everywhere. I felt myself shivering. It felt like the room dropped by 50 degrees.
Then an idea hit me!

What if the door had returned? I asked out loud. I didn't waste a second. Running like a cheetah I reached the spot where I first entered the castle. The door was there! My heart was pounding. As I started to walk towards it, I heard a snap!. Somebody stepped on a twig. I turned in time to see a bony hand reach out and grasp my neck. The skeleton started to lift me up. I choked and struggled to breathe air. Then, when I saw the skeleton's flamed eye, I froze in horror as the air slipped slowly out of my lungs.

That's when I woke up in bed gasping for air. Quickly I darted out of bed like a torpedo.
"I'm alive!" I screamed, "I'm alive!". My mom came in.

"What's going on dear?", she asked.
"Nothing." I answered with a grin. "Nothing really!"

The above is the work of one of our avid readers, Shiamak HK. Shiamak is 10 years. He has contributed some great essays - check the links in the recommended reading.

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