Kids, Let’s Start Coloring

I received this link from a family friend of mine. The first thing that intrigued me was the name. It sounded so colorful.

One look and I was convinced that TheColor is a treat for kids (and you colorful adults as well!). The web site offers a vast and myriad collection of pictures that can be colored online or printed out. A great way to entertain kids during birthday party.

The site features top-rated submissions by members, and honors those who color the most number of pages in a day, month, or year. Members can rate other's art.

What are you waiting for kids? Grab your crayons, paint brushes, pens and pencils and head to
Have Fun!

So, what’s the Fundoo Geek’s verdict? Here are the smileys »»

Smileys: CoolFundooGeek CoolFundooGeek CoolFundooGeek CoolFundooGeek NotCoolFundooGeek

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