The Mars Close Encounter in August Hoax

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In case you received an email detailing a historic encounter with Mars on August 27th, you are not alone. Various versions of this email is in circulation since 2003. Yes, its more than 6 years since the first email was sent out regarding this galactic event. Every year around August we get such emails. But seriously, how many times can a "once in a lifetime" event occur?

The email promises that Mars will look as big as the moon on that date making it appear as the second earth moon. It claims that on August 27, Mars will be as close as it will ever get until the year 2287. That's a misleading statement. So if you were to go outside expecting a monster Mars this August nights, you'd be gravely disappointed.

The email actually might have been somewhat relevant August of 2003 but certainly not today. In August of 2003 Mars really did have its closest encounter with Earth in nearly 60,000 years (give or take few thousand years!). The planet was a mere 34.6 million miles away. For a few days in 2003 it was indeed the brightest object in the night sky but never actually appeared "as large as the full moon" — not even close!

Sorry to disappoint all you backyard astronomers.

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