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Would you like to store all your user manuals online? Would it not be nice to look at just one place for all your manuals? How about if you can select which user manuals you want to store and then have them in your online file cabinet cataloged in appropriate room? Sounds too good?

Well, you can do so now @ ManualsOnline.

So how does it work?

Once you've created your free account, you're ready to set up and compile your manuals. Choose the room, category, brand, product type, and model, and ManualsOnline adds it to your profile. After you're done, you'll have an organized collection of all your household manuals in one easily accessible spot.

The site also provides a forum where you can ask for product help from the ManualsOnline community.

What are you waiting for? Go head to ManualsOnline and start your online Manuals collection.
Have Fun!

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