The Darwin Awards

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No, this is not a website that rewards those who live in the city of Darwin in Australia; nor is it for those who have done major work regarding the theory of evolution. The Darwin Awards is a website which is dedicated to those who furthered and sped up the process of evolution by virtue of possessing fantastic stupidity.

Dedicated to those who died doing something really bizarre, Darwin Awards is a chronicle of 771 such untimely demises, divided into several categories such as ‘Honorable Mentions’, ‘Near Misses’ and ‘Urban Legends’. This is a website which plays on the morbid fascination with death that some people have and people who like their humor nice and black (and have yet to discover therapy perhaps) will find it a good read. There’s also a section where readers can contribute their own accounts of near-misses or about people they know who shot themselves in the foot, perhaps literally.

The site is regularly updated with more stupidity.

What are you waiting for? Go head to Darwin Awards and have a laugh!
Have Fun!

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