Woof! when Tweet is Not Enough

So, have you been frustrated by the 140 character limitation in Tweeter? There might have been times when you feel severely constrained by this limitation imposed by Twitter.

Enter Woofer - the 1400 character anti-Twitter macro-blogging site. Well, its not like Woofer doesn't impose any limitation. But unlike Tweeter, Woofer has a limitation on minimum characters - you need to woff out minimum 1400 characters. How's that for fun!

Even though plenty of us have found ourselves shortening our tweets to meet the 140 character limitation imposed by Twitter, very few of us ever really need 1400 characters. Correct?

Woofer pays homage to Twitter in look and feel and what's more, you need to use your Tweeter user name to woof.

Woof! Woof!! Woof!!!

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