MyBoneYard – Get Rewarded for Recycling Your Old Electronics

Have you been waiting for a way to recycle your used electronics? If you're like me you've probably been waiting for someone to come to your doorstep to pick up your junk and pay you for doing so!

Well, you don't need to wait any longer. You can actually recycle your electronics and get paid for its fair value. Web site MyBoneYard recycles your electronics and, if you're lucky, will offer you a reward too. The reason we say "if you're lucky" is 'coz you may get cash depending upon their assessment.

How does it work?

Recycling your item through MyBoneYard is free via a printable shipping label. Start the process by clicking on the "What Can I Recycle?" option. Presently they recycle Music Players, Flat screen Monitors, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones, Game Systems, PC Systems (including monitors), Laptops, GPS Systems and Camcorders. The site promises to add more products for recycling.

Choose your item, enter its information such as brand, model, condition, accessories and you'll find out what your reward for recycling is. Whether it's money or just the knowledge that you're helping the environment. Fill out your personal information, print out your label, and ship off the package. You can check the status of your submission via the status screen.

The site promises that all personal data is wiped out before recycling. "All products received go through a certified data removal process for the device provided. This process is audited on each device prior to leaving our facility."

MyBoneYard is currently US only.

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2 comments to “MyBoneYard – Get Rewarded for Recycling Your Old Electronics”

When I clicked on the link for MyBoneYard it took me to a stie in Korean showing a graveyard. I got the saem site when I tried to get to Help?

Anonymous said...

Forgot to proof read. Correction: "site" and "same" . In any event, I cannot access MyBoneYard. It does not come up for me. I don't want to buy a gravesite. I just want to recycle electronics. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

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