Movie Mistakes – A Collection of Movie Bloopers

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Have you ever wondered if you could know if your favorite movie had a blooper? What if we say there is a web site that has a humongous collection movie bloopers. But that's not all. The site lists bloopers from some popular TV shows as well. At the time of publishing this review the web site MovieMistakes boasted 84,440 mistakes in 5,656 movies and 581 TV shows.

For instance, the site lists a total of 67 mistakes for the movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. Example:

At the end of the Quidditch match, when Ron shouts, "Woo hoo!" with his arms raised, just as his cape flaps around the black seat on the actor's broom becomes visible. There are a couple of other quick glimpses of a seat during the Quidditch match.

The site is full of such mistakes and bloopers in popular movies, such as Charlie's Angels, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Terminator, The Matrix, G.I Joe and more. Made us watch some movies again just to enjoy the bloopers. Pure entertainment for movie buffs!

What are you waiting for? Go head to Movie Mistakes and entertain yourself!
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