Confessions Of A Blogger – Episode V

Yes, indeed another episode of "Confessions Of A Blogger" series. I thought I was done after the 4th ... but who knew? In case you missed out on the previous 4 episodes, no sweat. Here are the links:

 Episode 1
 Episode 2
 Episode 3
 Episode 4

Anyhow, I came across some goodies that I couldn’t resist sharing. So here they are …

Custom Logos, Buttons and Fonts:
Follow this link to create your custom logos for free. You can create hundreds of combinations to your heart’s content. There are some fonts on the site that I’d never heard of before. Here are some samples I created in couple of minutes.

OMG! I really got carried away ... its just sooo easy to create all these cool graphics. Thank you

Graphics everywhere:


DeviantArt: This site perhaps hosts one of the largest collection of graphics. Here, several community members have contributed graphics such as icon packs. Some can be found here, here and here. Go to the main website and browse for all the graphics. Most can be downloaded for free.

WebSiteBullets: This is an awesome site with awful lot of bullet images/icons for use in your blogs and web pages.

DotNetScraps: This is another good site for bullets. One of the authors has also developed a “Smiley” Plug-in and a “Fancy Bullets” plug-in for Windows Live Writer.

VistaIcons: Another useful site with tons of icon packs.


FavIconGenerator: If you want a new FavIcon for your blog or website, then head towards FavIconGenerator. You get your new FavIcon in 5 easy steps. The pre requisite is that you should have an image file ready. Did you ask, "What is a FavIcon?" Sorry, I should have cleared that first ... my bad, excuse me. Here's the definition from the site, "A favicon (short for 'favorites icon' and also known as a page icon), is an icon associated with a particular website or webpage that is displayed in the browser address bar next to a site's URL.".

There are plenty of such websites dedicated to providing graphics. Search in Google or Bing and enjoy.

Happy designing!!

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