Do you Really know your Credit Score?

So you think you are on top of your credit score. And you think know exactly what's going on with your credit history? Are you really sure? Well, think again.

According to Liz Pulliam Weston in this MSN Money article, there are many other factors considered by banks and lenders before a creditor issues you credit. Your credit scores are just the start. Apparently there could be 8 other scores that creditors consider depending upon type of credit applied. So what are these other scores besides the usual Credit-risk scores? They can be categorized as:
  Response score
  Application score
  Bankruptcy score
  Revenue score
  Attrition-risk score
  Behavior score
  Transaction score
  Collection score

Every single financial transaction has some sort of score being generated. The lenders track every last detail of your spending habits, then use the data to estimate not just how big a risk you are but how profitable a customer you might be. Lenders and Creditors often combine different types of scores to assess you.

Hmmm... I've always wondered how the system works. Now I'm more confused!! But that's just me. Drop me a comment if you have this figured out.

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