Urban and rural Deforestation Evil

Wooded areas are being indiscriminately chopped down under the pretext of development. This is happening everywhere in the world not just the rural areas in the US or the developed countries or developing countries … its become a global disgrace. The world over we are experiencing the effects of global warming but still the greedy rich real estate developers keep cutting trees. They keep hurting Mother Nature forgetting her wrath would be devastating. Every year we are told that thousands of acres of Rainforest are being burned or cleared thanks to greedy politicians.

A quick search on Google or Bing will bring thousands of articles on how ruthless real estate developers and government highway development and transport agencies are aggressively clearing fertile areas. As an example, the article “Tree Massacre or Mercy Killing?” {New Haven Independent – April 22, 2009} tells us how reckless tree felling created a rift between a neighborhood and a college. Here’s another article “State Kills Trees To Expand Highway” {New Haven Independent – July 22, 2008} depicting thoughtless destruction on part of a State government.

In their greed to maximize profits, real estate developers bulldoze hundreds of acres of green tree land to give way to their development projects. I do have to mention though that not all developers are the same. There are some good real estate developers who try to bring equilibrium by planting new trees where ever possible. Some governments have also taken up reforestation and encourage planting of trees. Some community based organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation in US work towards educating public and increase public awareness about the impact to our environment. Some citizens have taken up to writing petitions such as this one to save trees in Delhi, India.

Why am I blogging about this today? Why now? I went on a long drive today on the US Route 1 in New Jersey. I was horrified at the change in landscape along the Route 1 corridor. The beautiful lush green rows of trees that used to adore both sides of the highway are scant and far apart in patches, if not completely disappeared. I was angry and experienced frustration due to my helplessness. The more I think about this the more I realize that I am as much responsible for this urban deforestation. I feel frustrated at my inability or my non-willingness to act all these years. I have been dormant regarding my feeling towards this evil … but not any more!

Hence I write to you my fellow earthlings to rise and do your part. I’m not asking you to raise arms against anyone. Just my humble request to you to maybe raise this issue in your next community meeting or town hall meeting or any other public forum where you are comfortable. Write to your government representative – congressman, representative, MP, minister, governor, mayor, any public figure or official who is obliged to listen to you and maybe help. Write to local or national newspapers to raise awareness. It is for you and I to take the first step. Collectively we can and will save our beautiful planet earth! So, let’s take a pledge today to do our bit. Let’s make a start!!!

P Please consider the environment before printing any article from this website. Save a tree … do not print! P

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