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Have you ever wondered how you can feature your own stories or blog posts under each of your stories or posts? Yeah! me too. I mean you can do so manually every time but won't it be cool if you can automate the process? I used to manually collect related posts for recommendation at end of each post. But this is labor intensive especially if you have hundreds of posts in your archive to brag about.

Why would you want to recommend your own stories? Well, I think its pretty obvious. You want more visibility and would like your visitors to stay around and browse your web site/blog as long as you can. Correct? For some of us this may translate into better reader following for some it may be to increase traffic for monetary reasons. Whatever the reason its always a win-win for you if you can have recommend your own posts. This not only adds dimension and value to your post, it invites readers to linger on the blog and explore similar stories, discovering related posts they may have missed.

Most blogging platforms now feature a number of third-party plug-ins that can display a list of related stories on your blog, or even on other blogs on the Internet. Typically, these plug-ins will look at how a story was tagged and then display a short list of similar stories that use the same keywords. These plug-ins usually recommend related stories from other blogs or web sites. The way the model works is you feature other's stories with the expectation that your blog/story will be featured on other's blogs/site. I'd love the capability to recommend my own stories from within my blog. That's where LinkWithin comes into play.

LinkWithin is an easy to install widget that automatically links to related posts from your archive. It sits neatly under each post on your blog, blending in with either light or dark color schemes with it's clean and simple design. The widget content is dynamic, featuring three related post title links. Unlike similar widgets/plug-ins, however, LinkWithin doesn't just display a list of headlines underneath each post, but also a thumbnail with a picture from each post. This makes it far more attractive than most of its competitors. LinkWithin searches your blog's entire archive. This is especially helpful to new readers to unearth your past posts. As well as it also engages your loyal long time readers, inviting them to rediscover older stories they may have forgotten.

Besides analyzing Tags, stories are chosen based on several factors, including relevance, popularity, and recency. This makes it bring up spot-on recommendations. The plug-in is available for WordPress, TypePad, and Blogger.

LinkWithin is free and easy to install. At the moment it is ad-free. According to their FAQ, they plan to introduce revenue-sharing features in the future, but they will be optional. No sign-up is required.

Note: Widgets can slow your page load time, so if you have a lot of other widgets and plug-ins or graphics, you may want to carefully consider each widget you add.

What are you waiting for? Go head to LinkWithin and empower your blog to recommend your featured stories and posts.
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