Confessions Of A Blogger – Episode IV

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Confessions of a Blogger series. In case you haven’t read the previous parts yet or need a refresher, here are the links to episodes I, II and III.


In this episode I will cover how I finalized on the current template for the Fundoo Geek! blog. What’s a template? It’s the common look and feel for your blog regardless of the posting. You set the tone, choose the colors, fonts, design the layout – eg: magazine style 2 columns, 3 columns. You can designate some real estate on your blog or web site for displaying advertisements that can generate some revenue for you. You got the picture, right?


I started with one of the default Blogger templates – Rounders 2.

Being a geek I like to fine tune until I’m satisfied (rarely happens but then I have to settle for something else I’ll k*ll myself trying to excel). So that’s what I spent the next day or so. It was a good start but I wanted something more professional with a hi-tech look. So, after a bit of wading in Google I came across BloggerTricks. We liked the FalknerPress template by Kranthi and immediately uploaded it. We customized it to our liking. We had it on our blog for a couple of weeks until we were alerted by one of our followers that the site appeared a little funky on BlackBerry. After a quick research we realized that it was due to some customization we’d done. Now, we had customized the template so bad that it would take us hours if not days to redo and arrive at something acceptable for our MS IE, FireFox, Google Chrome & BlackBerry users. So we set on another adventure to seek a new template. the Fundoo Geek! came by another cool template MagazineR1-2 by Blog Template 4 U. Click here to get the template. What you see today @ is a derivative of the MagazineR1-2 template customized by yours truly, theFundooGeek!


Over the past few days I’ve told you how theFundooGeek’s voyage begun and what we’ve tried to achieve in this short period of time. I told you we picked Blogger as our blogging service provider, Google Standard apps for the applications such as Gmail, Docs etc. I told you how I registered the domain. We discussed about the various free products used by the Fundoo Geek! to enhance our readers’ experience. Next I explained about the various SEO tools we’ve used here and today I told you about the template in use for our User Interface. In future there could be another sequel, if required.



This is the history of how the Fundoo Geek! came to be and how we built the one-and-only The intent is to share our experience and thereby help you enrich yours.


Finally I’d recommend you browse the following:

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Drop me a line or comment on this post if you want to learn some more cool tricks used by the Fundoo Geek!


Yours truly,


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