Eclipse Diamond Ring

Millions of people witnessed the longest Total Solar Eclipse of this century. Scores of pictures and videos were taken during the approximate 6 minutes. Most of these are now peppered all over the internet. We found this one (from Varanasi, India) on the right particularly pleasing as it shows a diamond ring is formed as the moon covers the sun during the rare total eclipse.

The longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century cut through the world’s most populous nations, India and China, as it travelled half the globe. It was visible along a roughly 250 km-wide corridor, according to U.S. space agency NASA. It lasted up to a maximum of 6 minutes, 39 seconds over the Pacific Ocean, according to NASA. Read our earlier article here {}.

The eclipse next swept through Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and over the crowded cities along China’s Yangtze River, before heading to the Pacific.

In central China, crowds gathered along the high dykes of the industrial city of Wuhan, roaring and waving goodbye as the last sliver of sun disappeared, plunging the city into darkness, although clouds cheated them of part of the spectacle. But eclipse viewers in central China were luckier than those in the coastal cities near Shanghai, where overcast skies and rain in some places blocked the view of the sun entirely.

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