I want to know “What’s here?” on Google Maps

Last month the Google Earth and Maps team implemented a great new feature in Google Maps. We have been using Google Maps ever since its debut. Long gone are the days when we used Map Quest or Maps on US or Yahoo Maps. Well I still use Bing Maps (Virtual Earth/MSN Maps) once in a while. But, ever since the GPS proliferated into our techie lives, we use less of these online mapping tools. Not so with Google Maps. Google Maps is a fantastic tool not just for getting directions and finding destinations. For instance the latest update to Google Maps (What’s here?) helps you discover what's in the neighborhood of any location on Google Maps.

This latest feature has been added as a Right-Click context menu item. When you click on "What's here?", Google Maps will give you the most relevant result representing that location. Its like presenting with landmarks for that location. This feature does take into account the zoom level you're looking at and gives you the most appropriate geographical entity at that point, per the official blog. And this adds to the fun. Try experimenting with zoom.

The left-hand panel is populated with information about that place on the map. Additional information such as pictures if available, information about buildings and businesses located there, landmarks and user created maps related to the area will appear if available. And if your left brain works better than your right brain {you know what I mean}, then this information can prove extremely helpful.

Head here for more information on this new feature. Have Fun!

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