Confessions Of A Blogger – Episode III

Welcome to the third part in the Confessions of a Blogger series. In case you haven’t read the first and second parts yet, here are the links to I and II.


As mentioned in part II, I first registered via Google Blogger. Next I signed up for Google Standard apps. Registered at,, and Google Analytics. In this part I’ll cover SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Again, there are hundreds if not thousands of articles on the web that talk to SEO and what you should do to increase traffic to your blog and web site. A lot has been written on how you should optimize your web site or blog to enhance its visibility on the internet. One search on or will unearth more than you can and want to read. The more you read the more confusing it gets, after a while. So, instead of going all over SEO for you, let me just scribble on what we did at the Fundoo Geek!

We signed up at the following sites:

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Blogorator: Blogorator provides a cool widget that allows your visitors to rate your blog. The widget will display 5 stars with average user ratings.

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theFundooGeek! is our perspective about everything that we see around us. It has content for finance, sports, life, technology, software, philosophical thoughts etc.

The LinkReferral and TrafficG are one of the best to direct traffic to your blog. Use these and let me know your perspective.

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What else did I do? Hmmm … let me think … yeah! I Tweet once in a while so also set up a new Twitter id with the same name so everyone can recognize it is me. Wink

There are some other services you can sign up for such as …..

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